Sunday, March 6, 2011

Playgroup - Circus Time.

We haven't been to playgroup in two weeks. First Sam was sick the first week and this week it was my turn (though thankfully not bad. The worst seems to be my voice.)

With the cold weather we haven't gone out much either. Needless to say, we are stir crazy.

So this week the theme is "circuses". This is a theme that could go either way in my books -- either the focus on Montreal style circus, as taught by our two circus schools and as exemplified by the Cirque du Soliel. Lots of clowns, and amazing feats of human skill beautifully choreographed.

Or, it could focus on "traditional" circuses, with their exploitation of animals (both human and non).

I am really hoping it is the first. If it is the second, I am going to have to explain to Sam how and why the animals are in the circus instead of in the wild where they belong. Further, and perhaps even harder, I will have to explain why some people think that is OK.


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